Accidental Damage Plan




A nonrefundable $10 per day Accidental Damage Protection Fee is required for this reservation. If, during your stay at one of our rental properties, an insured person causes any damage to real or personal property on the Premises as a result of inadvertent acts or omissions, the Accidental Damage Protection Plan will protect you for the cost of repair or replacement up to $1,500.00. The maximum cost is $100 for reservations longer than 10 days.

The Accidental Damage Protection Plan does not cover intentional damage, theft, unauthorized entry into the owner’s supply closet, unauthorized pets, extensive cleaning required at check-out, smoking, exceeding occupancy limits or parking limits, and any other charges/polices in Lessor’s Rental Policies and Rental Agreement including any fines imposed on Manager by the City, County, State or Home Owner Association as the result of violation of any law, ordinance, rule or regulation or any fines or costs levied against Lessee or visitors of Lessee. Any intentional abuse or will be charged to you via the credit card on file for the Reservation. Lessee assumes full responsibility for any items found to be missing and any damage due to misuse, negligence or action on Lessee’s or Lessee’s visitor’s part.

The Accidental Damage Protection Plan does not substitute for Lessee’s responsibility to leave The Property in appropriate condition. The plan does not negate Lessee’s responsibilities as a responsible renter, nor does it relieve Lessee from responsibility for intentionally destructive acts of Lessee or other members of Lessee’s party while in occupancy. Lessee must notify Lessor of any damage or theft to the unit during Lessee’s occupancy or upon vacating. The Property will be carefully inspected after Lessee’s departure and any damage, theft or other incidents which occur during Lessee’s occupancy and which have not been disclosed to Lessor prior to Lessee’s leaving will remain Lessee’s obligation.

Lessor will have the sole authority to determine the nature and extent of damages, necessary repairs and eligibility for the waiver of liability described herein. The Covered Lessee must report any theft or damage to The Property or its contents prior to checkout or any otherwise applicable damage waiver will be void.


The plan takes effect upon check-in on the booked arrival date to The Property, together with receipt of payment of the plan fee, at or before check-in. All coverage shall terminate upon normal check-out time of The Property or the departure of the Covered Lessee, whichever occurs first.


The plan will not include liability for damage or theft resulting from:

• Intentional acts of a Covered Lessee

• Gross negligence or willful and wanton conduct

• Theft of or damage to any personal property owned by, or brought onto the premises by Lessee/Lessee’s guest(s)

• Theft without a valid police report

• Damage caused by any pet brought onto The Property by Lessee or Lessee’s guest(s)

• Acts of God

• Any cause, if the Covered Lessee does not report the damage to Lessor prior to check out

“Lessee” as referred to in this agreement is the person/persons listed on rental agreement and referred to commonly as “guest”.